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Registration Dinner

The question has been raised whether we will provide a meal for the anglers at the Drive-Through Registration event this year, and the answer is: YES! Thanks to the Outback Steakhouse “Take A Steak” dinner, each team will receive two (2) “to-go” steak dinners after checking in on April 30, 2022 at Bass Pro Shops Pearl anytime from 4:00-6:30pm.

FAQ: 5 Registration at Bass Pro Shops

Can I register at the Registration Event at Bass Pro Shops, Pearl, MS on May 6?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. We will have a “New Registration” table set up for anglers who have not pre-registered. If you Pre-Register prior to 8 pm Friday May 5 you only need to check in at the expedited “Pre-Registration” tables and pick up your Boat Number Card, credentials, goody bag and meal tickets.

FAQ 1: Bass Pro Shops Event

We’re getting some questions, which is great! So we’ll address those most Frequently Asked in a series of posts.

FAQ1: How does the event at Bass Pro Shops work? ANSWER: Registration tables will be set up in rear of store starting at 4:30 pm. Pre-registered anglers report to get credentials, meal tickets, goody bags then enjoy the Penns Catfish dinner. Anglers who need to register onsite report to “new registration” table and register, then receive credentials, bags, etc. Everyone with a meal ticket can enjoy the meal on the Tracker Patio ANY TIME between 5 and 7 pm, enjoy a leisurely visit with friends and then leave when they are ready to prepare for an early morning on Sunday. There will be no formal program. Onsite Registration will be open until 7:30 pm so you can arrive at any time and there is no rush to get there early!