South Goshen Boat Ramp

Finally!  The new South Goshen Boat Ramp on the south side of Hwy 43 is complete and will be available to us on tournament day!  Kudos to MDOT, PRVWSD and others who brought this much needed addition to our public ramp system.

In addition to providing an extra wide set of ramps, this will increase parking space by about 20% and, hopefully, reduce congestion and result in safer conditions for everyone during the morning rush to get checked in, launched and parked.

Bass Classic Anglers using the new ramp will have boats/trailers checked for vegetation, then launch and motor around to the North Goshen harbor (we know it as “Tommy’s) where we traditionally gather before blast-off.  We’ll check live wells for those boats as they enter the harbor.  We’ll monitor the parking, and once full will direct all others to use the North Goshen ramps and lots.

Join us for Bass Classic 2021!